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Hockey Wives Episode 3: No Naco Edition

Brandon Prust gets traded and the world falls down around Maripier Morin.

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Angela Price: Not featured.

Kodette Labarbera: Kodette is super nervous about free-agency for her husband Jason because he is definitely more of a fringe NHL goalie at this point of his career and their oldest son has autism and she wants to make sure that there are good supports for him. And then he gets a contract offer from the Philadelphia Flyers, their printer breaks and their kids start going insane. Because that is what always happens. Kodette then smartly sends the contract back via a scan on her phone because their printer is like every other printer when you need it best. And then the show ends with her asking Ryder (their son with autism) if he wants to move so they can say as a family...and he doesn't because he loves Calgary. Please, make me cry more.

If you are doubting me on how much Kodette loves nachos, I present this without further comment.

Happy #nationalnachosday !! I guess we all know what I'm having for lunch

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Keisha Chantè: Keisha is a great foil to Maripier Morin when it comes to having to move to be with the person you love. And then her and Maripier runaway from a bee whilst eating lunch and then she is super blunt after the

Rhianna Weaver: I kind of love that Rhianna is working out with her husband on free-agency day and then Mike went to go play street hockey with their kids. There are also some hints that Mike is moving towards retirement as Rhianna talks about not finding the whole "where are we going to live this year" thing not so exciting as their kids get older. Mike is willing to admit he may be at the end of the road and it is time to retire, but that has not happened at the time of the filming (he has since retired and is running his hockey school and managing his website of coaching tools called MyDrillBook).

Martine Forget: Not featured.

Taylor Winnik: She starts off house-hunting with her now husband as they will be living there for two years. She immediately is concerned about not being able to work, which is really important to her. She is also worried that if they do not get housing secured for next season she will be thinking about that during their wedding in the Napa Valley. That sounds too fancy for me.

Maripier Morin: Seriously, this episode should have been titled "Everything is MP and Everything is Sad and Annoying." Okay, so this episode started with MP and Brandon receiving the news of Brandon's trade to Vancouver while on their engagementmoon. Maripier cried. Then they flew back home and Brandon surprised her with an engagement party in their backyard. Maripier cried. Tiffany Parros was at the party and was fantastic as per usual. Maripier cried. Are you sensing a theme of the episode?

Okay, perhaps I'm being a bit mean. I get that Brandon being traded is hard because you have commitments and contracts in Montreal. I get that you won't get to see him all that often and that's got to suck. But the crying. Oh, the crying..... I just don't deal with feels very well maybe. I don't know. She drove me crazy. That was too much MP feels for me.

Ashley Booth: LOVE HER SO MUCH. Tonight we got to see her and David talk about his scary concussion history on the radio while promoting concussion awareness. Then we got Ashley Booth + Koalas and that was incredibly cute. She talked about how she didn't want to have kids right away because of the uncertainty of David's career status and I respect that. Also, we got to see her attend a hockey game and she spoke a bit more about how watching him on the ice was very tense for her. She screamed a bit when it looked like he may get hurt and that's okay by me. Ashley Booth is a delight.

Tiffany Parros: Ugh, her scenes were tied to the soul sucker of the episode, MP. Sadly, Tiffany's role this episode was to play the big sister to Maripier as she rehashed her feels about the trade. I'm sad. I need more T. Parros snark in my life.

Paige Getzlaf: Nope.

Noureen DeWulf: Nada.

Dog Count: 1 (Aspen Labarbera, who got a case of jealously)

Nacho Count: 0