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Winnipeg Jets Hab'd a hard time in Montreal

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Ugh. The Winnipeg Jets went head to head with the Montreal Canadians and they looked how I feel. Slow and fat with a belly full of candy. It was a horrible game for the Jets and they let in a pile of goals. The final score was 5 to 1 Montreal.

Ten Thoughts:

1. The Winnipeg Jets started the game with a 4th line of Chris Thorburn, Nicolas Petan and Anthony Peluso. I was happy to see Nic jump back into the time up, but I failed to understand why this team insists on carrying two boat anchors.

2. I was also quite shocked to see Andrew Copp draw the short straw in this one. The rookie center scored his first NHL goal the night prior, it was odd to see him riding pine. Was he hurt or did Peluso play so well that he just couldn't be sat?

3. Michael Hutchinson could be sat and he was part way through this slop fest.

4. Alexander Burmistrov also found his butt on the bench a little more than normal in this one. He skated with Peluso and Thorburn in the third. It is hard to imagine a harsher punishment.

5. It wasn't all bad for Thorburn. Thor scored a goal against today. It came on the back of some nice work by Nikolaj Ehlers and Mark Scheifele. Thorbs came right off the bench and found a crisp pass in the slot that he batted home.

6. Even if nothing else was working it was great to see the kids get back on the score sheet. Nic Petan helped generate some chances in garbage time, perhaps that will carry forward. Gotta hope.

7. The Jets continued the get caught with ill-timed pinches. Lots of odd man rushes against.

8. Habs fans are annoying with their goodbye chant starting to grow legs with almost 5 minutes left on the clock.

9. That sucked.

10. Mailing it in - just like the Jets.