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AIH 20416 Podcast Episode 2: Trying Not to Poop on Ryan Suter

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@sliiiiip and I turn our attention to a divisional rival, interviewing podcast veteran @TonyWiseau of SB Nation's Hockey Wilderness.

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Hello everyone! Myself (@PhilipAIver) and my far more competent co-host @sliiiiip continue to take our internet radio baby steps, and present to you Episode 2 of the AIH 20416 Podcast (@AIH20416). If you haven't yet listened to Episode 1 and are unfamiliar with our format, click here for its introduction.

As always, we start out with a little bit of Winnipeg Jets talk, including pending training camp cuts (speaking of which, did anything happen today?) and the Anthony Peluso-Thomas Raffl-Brandon Bollig "Three's a Crowd" moment. From there, we discuss the latest Andrew Ladd contract negotiation news, what might be acceptable terms and how deathly afraid I am of a freeze in talks.

Onto the interview, featuring our latest victim guest, @TonyWiseau of SB Nation's Hockey Wilderness (@HockeyWildernes) and the Hockey Wilderness Podcast (@HWildernessCast). We run the table of Minnesota Wild news: how the Wild are not the Minnesota North Stars (not that there's anything wrong with adopting the old team's persona); believing the team's d-corps to be underrated while trying not to poop on Ryan Suter, the continuing mild disappointment which is Mikael Granlund, the perils of trading away draft picks for Chris Stewart and how to respond to those who think Minnesota plays a boring brand of hockey.

Of course, there was some Wild-Jets cross-contamination, such as discussion of our developing rivalry and debate over where each team would finish in the Central Division.  In what will surely become a frequent occurrence, @sliiiiip thwarts my inadvertent attempts to turn the show into a Minnesota Wild hour. No seriously, you all owe him a debt of gratitude. Not to mention, contrasting Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien to Zach Parise and Ryan Suter was a stroke of genius.

We packed all this and still more into our little podcast that could. If you've got some dishes to wash or a long drive ahead, here are your options for giving us a listen:

1. Listen online here.

2. Visit our page on the Internet Archive.

3. Download the .mp3 file directly here or here.

So tune in, let us know how we did in the Comments section below, and remember to send your questions, concerns, comments and haterade our way by tweeting @AIH20416. Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for Episode 3, which will be coming to you later this week!