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Instant Recap: Call the Copp, Jets Win

The Jets went into Columbus and beat the Blue Jackets, who are not good.

Russell LaBounty-USA TODAY Sports

Apologies to the loyal game thread joiners, we messed up and it wasn't there. Sorry.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have two wins on the season, the Winnipeg Jets have a lot more then that. Other then that there is not a lot different between these two teams as they both play hockey. The Blue Jackets are led by Ryan Johansen who is out of shape and Brandon Saad who is Saad that he left the Chicago Blackhawks for this mess.

The Jets played well and Columbus did not and therefore the Jets won. That is all I remember. K, bye.

Ten Thoughts:

1. The Columbus Blue Jackets only have two wins on the season and it is incredibly obvious why. Starting goalie Sergei Bobrovsky has been struggling and their forwards cannot gets shots on goal, never mind a goal. For their struggles we have been rewarded by John Tortorella replacing Todd Richards.

2. The Jets have figured out that the key to scoring in this game is to shoot. That is all. Get the puck on goal and it could go into the net because the Blue Jackets are just not good at defending or stopping the puck and it is obvious on Bryan Little's goal. It is even more obvious when Copp scores because he lost track of the puck. The third goal was a sight unseen by me, but it was probably kind of stinky judging by the previous two goals.

3. Not really game related, but I am curious if everything a team does is called "possession style" now almost as a buzzword? Because "possession-style" gets thrown around a lot nowadays. That said, I feel like the Jets are relying on dumping the puck out of the zone more this season then last season.

4. Yeah, Torts can teach Johanssen about leadership by starting a riot outside the opponents dressing room.

5. Bobrovsky is pulled to the surprise of no one. While the score is not his fault, he did not help the cause. Still, they take a penalty to welcome Curtis McElhinney to the game just to make sure that he is ready.

6. My dad has dubbed Connor Hellebyuck "Honeybuck" and I think we have a new nickname for him. If you cannot tell I am very bored. This game is kind of boring and all we hear about is leadership or lack there of from Ryan Johansen. Does being a leader include not taking penalties?

7. Rene Bourque, David Clarkson, and Fedor Tyutin would really make this game better. I mean, at least I could watch Bourque almost do things. And make Tyutin his horn jokes. And Water Bottle Police jokes. Oh, well.

8. Nik Ehlers is a tough cookie in his own right. See that Paul Maurice, he is small and he is fine with the physical contact. MAYBE NIC PETAN COULD HANDLE PHYSICAL PLAY AS WELL AND NOT TAKE THE SAME STUPID PENALTIES THAT ANTHONY PELUSO TAKES.

9. Andrew Copp has had a quietly good game. Scored his first NHL goal and has played well defensively even though his linemates are less then ideal. MAYBE PETAN COULD HELP HIM. MAYBE THEY COULD BE GOOD TOGETHER.

10. This game turned into a snorefest after the first when the Jets did not exactly play it safe, but did not push the pace either. They just hockeyed well. I guess that is something. Anyways, the only thing that kept me awake during this game was the fact I had school work to do. Yeah, one of those nights.