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Hockey Wives Episode 1: Cara Writes a Love Letter about Angela Price

Episode one was a lot less dramatic then last year and made us want to face-palm a lot less, but it was still awesome!

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Angela Price: Angela is quickly dubbed Sainte Angela Price by Rhianna Weaver when she mentioned that she makes sure everything is perfect at home during the playoffs; down to making cookies for her husband so he can have a snack. And then she made me cry when she admitted that the first time she ever cried when watching him play was when the Montreal Canadiens lost a game in the last second to the Tampa Bay Lightning in the playoffs. She bluntly admits that her husband is too perfect and that she could never be with a man who doesn't like the outdoors and shooting hunting rifles. She also admits that they are trying to have a child and how she now wants to hold all the babies. Only downside is we only saw a picture of their puppies and now I am sad.

Kodette Labarbera: Kodette returns and remains as real as ever. First, she goes to a bar to watch her husband's team play while drinking beer and crushing a plate of nachos...EXCEPT THE BAR DOES NOT HAVE NACHOS. What type establishment is she going to with her friends? Outside of the snafu with the bar not having nachos, Kodette remained awesome as always. She went to a game where her husband was the third goalie to cheer for his team even though them winning would mean her being a single parent for longer as their older son has autism and they decided to keep him in the school where he is finding success. Score one for good parenting choices! Anyways, the Anaheim Ducks got eliminated and that meant that Jason came home and one of the kids wanted a he got to pick something out and get it mom-approved before eating it. He chose a bag of marshmellows like she predicted he would. He had to go pick something else.

Rhianna Weaver: While we did not see much of Rhianna this episode, we did see her learn how to shoot a gun and then give practical advice to Angela and Carey about travelling before having children. Basically, I need more Rhianna before saying too much, but she seems nice.

Noureen DeWulf: Not even going to lie. Noureen DeWulf appears to be a fantastic mom to her new son Bodhi. Ryan Miller looks like an awesome dad. That child is gorgeous. The discussion that introduces us to this family for this season is based around how Bodhi is struggling with sleeping and how both parents are exhausted. Noureen jokes that they named him the Sanskrit word for "Awake" when they really should have named him the Sanskrit word for "Sleepy" and I.... I kind of enjoy this Noureen DeWulf you guys. She is absolutely delightful when she's talking about how to be a good MILF. What is happening to me? Last season I couldn't really stand her and.... oh. there it is: "I have 5 more pounds to lose." Okay, she's lucky Tiffany didn't clock her in the face for that comment. Honey, you are beautiful. Stop it. Celebrate what you have done.

Maripier Morin: FINALLY. She's going to marry Brandon Prust. I love how she's all "Oh no, I never wanted to get married, we had it so good before what if it changes?" Um, hello. Do you not remember the last season meltdown over not being engaged? Oh, MP.... Okay, moving on. The opening scene of the MP/Prust Season 2 saga opens as the couple is in Italy celebrating their engagement. The story of Brandon hiding her ring in his sock and praying that his bags don't get searched at customs is pretty cute. So is the scene where she talks about eating bread and they play the "who are they and what do they do" game while tourist watching. Then they go swimming in a grotto and she's wearing her ring and freaks out a bit. These scenes make me not want to throat punch Brandon Prust (which is a huge accomplishment for Brandon, I assure you). These scenes also make me adore how happy MP is now. Forgive me for saying what I said above. I am happy for you MP. Be happy, enjoy the engagement and the vacations but know that there's a girl in Alberta ready to throw down if he treats you poorly.

Tiffany Parros: Starting off on the beach with Tiffany and her family was awesome. George is such a good dad you guys. I've always enjoyed him and this talk of him chasing another cup is intriguing. Tiffany is fantastic, as always. The second time we get to see her she's sitting with Noureen DeWulf chatting about how Noureen's life has changed since she's had her son. Tiffany is, as always, brutally honest and I love her for that. Um... and that's about it. There wasn't a lot of Tiffany this episode and that makes me kind of sad you guys.