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Introducing Hockey Wives: From Booth to Winnik

Last year W Network had a train wreck/awesome reality show called Hockey Wives and it is back this year. As avid watchers of the show, the ladies of Arctic Ice Hockey have decided that you all need to follow along in the insanity. But first let us introduce you to the wives.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Last season Hockey Wives focused on the lives of the women behind the men who make sure life goes on while their husbands/boyfriends are away playing hockey. The show was realer than anyone could have imagined showcasing the Labarbera family's struggles and triumphs of raising a son with autism and trying to keep life normal when part of raising their kids meant having them live in two different cities for school purposes.

There were the surreal moments: Nicole Brown talking about how her husband Dustin needed to win another Stanley Cup so that all three boys could have a ring (no mention of their daughter) or how his current contract was basically a retirement deal so that when he retired he could just spend time with his family. There were fun interactions revolving around a blunt Tiffany Parros or real moments featuring Brijet Whitney trying to figure out how adjust to life with a retired husband.

And all of that happened without Noureen DeWulf being herself.

The Eastern Conference Based Wives

Angela Price: Angela is new to the group this year and promises to be a strong addition to the cast on the strength of having two adorable labrador puppies...and a lot of other things but we really love dogs so deal with it. Angela is a supporter of Breakfast Clubs of Canada along with her husband Carey. She also runs a blog: By Angela Price and joined the show to do something independent of her husband.

Taylor Winnik: Taylor is another newby and promises to be another favourite of ours because puppies. Are you sensing a theme yet? Aside from having two dogs, she is also a former freelance photographer and producer. After playing for three different teams in the past two seasons, Winnik's husband Daniel is back playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs and she is hoping that she can get a work permit so she can work in Canada.

Rhianna Weaver: Rhianna is the wife of now retired for Montreal Canadien Mike. She works in public relations while raising two kids. The couple lives in Montreal with their two kids after moving around during Mike's entire NHL career. The past two seasons Rhianna organized shopping trips for disadvantaged youths so they could get pampered and get some new clothes in the process. Aside from that, Weaver now has a job in Montreal since her family is not moving around North America at the whims of NHL teams.

Keisha Chanté: Keisha is a Canadian singer with hits such as Come Fly With Me who is also dating former Ottawa Senators goalie Ray Emery. Outside of that, she has no dogs that we are aware of and we know nothing else about her,

Martine Forget: Martine is a model who was body-shamed last year on Hockey Wives for getting stretch marks while pregnant and being told that she could no longer be a lingerie model and had to basically become a "mom clothes" model. Because of stretch marks. Anyways, last year Martine and her fiancé Jonathan Bernier were forced into many "we are totally used to speaking our second language of English at home" conversations, which were not awkward at all. Hopefully this season features many more awkwardly English conversations and a lot less shaming Martine for having legitimate body changes while pregnant.

Kodette LaBarbera: Kodette spends her days advocating for and spending time with her two children, one of whom has autism. Last season, viewers got to see her struggles as a single mom as her husband Jason LaBarbera played for the Anaheim Ducks affiliate while she and their children lived in Calgary to accommodate the needs of their son. This season though we get to see a reunited LaBarbera family and it's going to be awesome.

The Western Conference Based Wives

Paige Getzlaf: Paige is the wife of Anaheim Ducks player (and noted baldy person) Ryan Getzlaf. She is a new addition to the cast this season and as far as we can tell she's the leader of the Ducks' wives who has taken responsibility for baby showers and other events for the women involved with the team. In addition, she's a budding entrepreneur who wants to start her own jewelry line.

Ashley Booth: Ashley is new to the cast this season and is a literal beauty queen who has accomplished many things including being named Miss Teen USA and first runner up for Miss USA in 2011. Her husband is free agent David Booth who was recently released from a PTO by the Florida Panthers. Ashley still models but the one thing we know about this couple from their social media accounts is that they are both very strong in their Christian faith.

Maripier Morin: Maripier is the fiancée of current Vancouver Canuck Brandon Prust. Last season he was ridiculously mean to her and I wanted to punch him right in his stupid face. Hopefully this season he is kinder to her as she is pretty fantastic. Maripier is a model and French Canadian TV star and is the face of Revlon in Quebec. She is lovely. Even if you haven't ever watched the show, you already adore Maripier.

Tiffany Parros: Tiffany is fantastic.That is all. Okay, okay. Tiffany is the wife of retired player George Parros and she is pretty wonderful in our opinion. Last season she was caring, brutally honest and thoroughly enjoyable. She currently owns and operates her own clothing company called Plain Threads and is working on opening a spa in California.

The Big Bad DeWulf: Noureen DeWulf was the most polarizing person on the last season of the show and I'm anticipating even more drama this season as she and husband Ryan Miller's son has been born. Noureen is an actress who most recently starred in some show with Charlie Sheen. Our favorite part of Noureen last season was her baby shower. Our least favorite part was everything else.

You can join us in watching Hockey Wives on W at 10 pm EST on Wednesday nights (we will be PVRing and posting recaps on Fridays for time zone reasons)