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Byfuglien is God. Jets WIN!

Who scored goals? Who is missing? Who used a coach's challenge? Who is probably moonlighting as a Finnish death metal band member? All this and more as I recap tonight's win over the Flames!

Calgary Flames: Hot Mess
Calgary Flames: Hot Mess
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hello friends! Lucky you because you get me for my first recap of the 2015/2016 season and the Jets even managed to pull off a win! I am also suffering from some form of cold/flu/SARS/Black Death/what have you so this could be fun. You likely spent the evening watching baseball, so here's a list of things about the game you didn't watch!

Ten Things

1) Nikolaj Ehlers is absolutely fantastic. He is 50% nice hands, 50% He-Man, 2% blonde hair and 34% good hockey knowledge. (That is also excellent math)(Yes, it is)

2) The first goal of the night sadly went to the Flames after Mikael Backlund crashed the net and got one past Pavelec. Assisting on that goal was the ever lovely Michael Frolik. Speaking of Michael Frolik, I kind of miss that guy unless I'm not supposed to because he didn't sign in Winnipeg or whatever I don't know. I like him. He's pretty.

3) The Jets first goal wasn't scored until the 2nd period and the lucky goal scorer was Bryan Little's skate. I mean, Little got all the credit but honestly if his skate hadn't stepped up to tip that Blake Wheeler shot into the net, it wouldn't have happened.

4) After the two goals were out of the way, seriously nothing happened. Tumbleweeds blew by. Vultures circled overhead. Pavelec spun circles in the pasture. Okay, actually not really. Both goalies definitely worked their butts off tonight and earned their money. Karri Ramo made some stunning saves as did Pavelec. Yes, that was a Pavelec compliment from me. Starting things off on a kind note.

5) Blake Wheeler had a scary moment where it looked like he landed terribly wrong on his wrist. He left the ice but came back shortly which was a huge relief because

6) That Little-Ladd-Wheeler line is easily one of the best parts of this team right now. Ditto Byfuglien. Speaking of which....

7) Byfuglien, oh Byfuglien. How I adore thee so. This game honestly looked like it was going to end up in overtime but Byfuglien scored what is probably one of the weirdest goals I've seen lately to break the tie and help clinch the game for the Jets.

This goal wasn't without controversy though as Bob Hartley decided to challenge the goal stating that he believed Mr. Byfuglien was offside on the play. Upon review, the refs decided that the play was good and the goal stood. Here's another look at Byfuglien crossing the line from a different angle. What do you think? Was he offside or not?

8) Does Mathieu Perreault still look like a death metal warrior from Finland? Where was he tonight? Is he missing? Do I need to send out search and rescue? I did watch the game, but I don't seem to recall hearing his name often or seeing him for that matter. Should I be scared?

9) I'm sadly running out of things to say. This game, while it was fast paced and exciting, didn't include a lot of controversy or face punching or anything to really touch on minus the goals and I'm on the strugglebus with the rest of this recap. Oh! I know! I predicted this win. The lovely Philip Iver (best ever and also my personal nemesis) who writes for this site asked me my prediction earlier and I said 3-1 Jets. I am MAGIC.

10) I did say plenty of Myers though and he appeared to also be invisible so I'll have to add some Myers here to fulfill my own personal wishes. Tyler Myers forever. (Plus Nic Petan is adorably tiny beside him. Aw.)