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Jets Looking to Smother Flames in Final Home Pre-Season Game

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Fresh off a comeback win, the Jets look to get another victory against the Flames in a pre-season that has been fairly rocky.  With the last round of cuts coming by Sunday at the earliest, take a close look at Nicolas Petan, Thomas Raffl,  JC Lipon, Nikolaj Ehlers, Jay Harrison, and Adam Pardy. All six are players who should be considered to be on the bubble. Of those four forwards, two will be cut and one of Harrison and Pardy will make the team. The big question may just be who wants it more?

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

Looks like Nicolas Petan will be given top line minutes tonight with Andrew Ladd and Bryan Little as his wing men. Nic is a fast, agile player, with silky smooth hands and a genius level hockey IQ. This seems to be his final test to gauge how he can deal with the best of the best in the NHL.

Thomas Raffl, JC Lipon, Anthony Peluso, Jacob Trouba, Jay Harrison and Adam Pardy are all back in tonight after being scratched last game. There is a piece of me that thinks Peluso could be on the bubble as well since Lipon is still kicking around. Yes, Lipon is smaller in height and weight but he throws hands like Peluso and maybe the organization thinks his upside is higher and are willing to give him a spot on the roster instead. Some may think that it's an "out there" prediction but Pardy and Harrison are both making a million or more and one of them will be going. Perhaps the Jets are willing to eat a bit more cash this year since their AHL club is in the city, which will cut costs significantly. The Leafs are known to use this to there advantage as well to save money.

Calgary Flames

*Looks at Frolik* "If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me. NOOOOO BABY PLEASE DON'T GO!"

Player to Boo Mercilessly

He broke my heart, he broke your heart, he probably even broke Pavelec's. I don't have to say his name, do I?


3-2 Jets Frolik scores for the Flames and we all cry.