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FlightZone: Please come back Tobi and Jacob

J-P Parise passes away, April Reimer does some good, and fourth lines in the NHL.

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Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Rest in Peace, J-P Parise. (Minnesota Star-Tribune)

April Reimer is good people. (Globe and Mail)

Brendan Gallagher celebrates whenever he scores a goal in practice on Carey Price. (Globe and Mail)

The Winnipeg Jets are having a tough time playing their fourth line, read this so when I reference later you will know I am talking about. (HabsEOTP)

"Do less, Craig Adams" is a serious sentiment right now for fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (PensBlog)

Four things we need answered still. (TheScore)

Dustin Brown has worse offensive numbers five on five than Dwight King. (Sportsnet)

James Patrick's nephew is a good hockey player in the WHL. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Shea Weber: not as elite as once thought. (

Sean McIndoe was very wrong about the Jets. (Grantland)