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Winnipeg Jets at the World Juniors: Gold Medal Game Day With Team Petanada

Claus Andersen/Getty Images

It is gold medal game day and three Winnipeg Jets players are making the trip to the Air Canada Centre. Tonight team Canada will take on Team Russia as the 2015 World Junior Championships come to a conclusion.

Yesterday's Tournament Action

There were two games on the docket yesterday. Russia toppled Sweden enroute to a finals birth and Canada rolled through Slovakia to complete their side of the bracket. Both games were perhaps a little closer that the final scores would indicate. What wasn't close was Nic Petan. The Winnipeg Jets' prospect was dominant last night - both as a shooter and as a play-maker. Petan finished the night with a trio of goals, but he had a legitimate chance at five or six. Josh Morrissey did not make the score sheet, but he did play a strong defensive game. Oh, and he did this...

Josh Morrissey (BOOM!):

Petan 1:

Petan 2:


Today's Tournament Schedule

Game ID Round Group Date Visitor V Home H Location Status Tickets Broadcast
30 Bronze Medal - Mon Jan 5
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ont.
3:00 PM CST - TSN
31 Gold Medal - Mon Jan 5
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ont.
7:00 PM CST - TSN

Flight Schedule

There are two games on the schedule, but only one happens in primetime. Said game also features THREE Winnipeg Jets prospects (although Eric Comrie will start the game riding pine) and some Canada thing that people tend to like. On the Jets' prospects front, Nic Petan currently leads the tournament in scoring and Josh Morrissey has been mentioned as the team's best defender.

Unfortunately, this game is on at the same time as the Jets game. This will be a big night for your PVR.