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A Bucket of Boo: Jets LOSE.

Welcome back from the All Star Break! Hello Trouba! Hello Lowry! Hi Kane! Bonjour Pavelec!.... wait. Pavelec? Oh no. Oh no no no....

Come to me all ye who are weary and I shall give thee goals - Christ Thorburn
Come to me all ye who are weary and I shall give thee goals - Christ Thorburn
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was a game alright. The Jets lost to the Penguins tonight 4-3. Or was it 5-3? I can't remember. I pretty much blocked out everything after the first half of the third.

The first period featured a Penguins goal courtesy of Nick Spaling. And that's about it. A couple of missed chances, a couple of terrible plays. Really it was like Jets hockey back in action again.

The second period the Jets looked a wee bit better as Chris Thorburn (I KNOW, RIGHT?! WAT.) scored his fifth goal of the year.

Shortly thereafter Jacob Trouba scored and everything was lovely with the Jets in the lead until Pavelec Pavelec'd and the Penguins scored again to tie the game. Also, Thorburn got a slashing penalty on Kris Letang for some reason. This penalty that shouldn't have been a penalty was what led to the Penguins second goal of the game.

The third started with a nice goal from Adam Lowry to put the Jets up by one AGAIN, but their lead was soon ended by MOAR PENS GOALS. Blake Wheeler got called for slashing and David Perron scored. Adam Lowry got called for what the refs called "charging" but honestly I didn't see that at all so whatever. Anyway, out of that "penalty" Patric Hornqvist scored. Then to top it all off, the Penguins scored on the empty net to seal the deal.

This game was not very fun. The Jets had some meltdowns. Pavelec had a meltdown. Paul Maurice had a meltdown. I almost threw my phone at the TV. It was not a pretty scene.

Some Thoughts

-If I had to pick an image tonight to describe the reffing it would be this:

The refs tonight made some pretty big blunders. I'm not one of those "OMFG REF YOU SUCK EAT GARBAGE AND BURN IN A TIRE FIRE YOU BIG DOO DOO HEAD" people because I typically believe that mistakes can be made and people are fallible, but tonight they irritated the everloving heck out of me. First it was the Lowry "penalty" then they missed a too many men penalty for the Penguins that resulted in a goal against the Jets.

In addition, I have to defend Mr. Christopher "Starburns" Thorburn here for a bit because that slashing call against Kris Letang was a garbage call. I fail to see how Letang can behave like he did and gets nothing but Thorburn gets the call for retaliating.

-Chris Thorburn was decent tonight. There. I said it. He wasn't perfect. He still had some issues, but he got a goal and was DECENT. I believe in Christ Thorburn, do you?

-The soundtrack of the night for our beloved goalie was this:

I don't get it. I'm angry that I don't get it. Paul Maurice for the love of all things holy, unholy and pear shaped, you have a perfectly decent Michael Hutchinson sitting on the bench and the Penguins were without both Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Think with the brain parts. This could have been a very very different game. Och.

-Christian Ehrhoff is a dreamboat. That is all I have to say about that. Except for that I could listen to that man talk for hours on end and would never tell him to shut up. Not even once.


-Evander Kane had a really good game tonight.

I mean, he didn't get a goal or do anything super spectacular, but he had a pretty good game over all.

-JAKEY JAKEY TROUBS TROUBS!!! Yeah, my favorite little Jetster scored a goal tonight and there was much rejoicing in my house. By me. While my husband stared at me in awe and vague bewilderment.

Jacob Trouba is a good kid and I like when good things happen to good kids, okay?

-It's time to play the game called "ALL MY PRETTY CORSIS!"

You know, if I'm being completely honest here, the amount of things I know about stats and hockey could fit into a thimble and still wouldn't fill the damn thing. So why do I include these things? Even though I've never put any real time into learning about hockey stats, I understand its validity in the sport. Also, I know some of you enjoy numbers and graphs and all the things that go along with it. So, you're welcome. /controversialfancystatsthoughts

Also, before I wrap this up I just want to say that I am so sorry you guys are having a poop water explosion with ebola and possibly SARS or whatever it is that's making you have to boil your water in Winnipeg. That is not fun.

But it is also a great excuse to drink all the beer and blame your drunkenness on the lack of boiled water readily available.