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FlightZone: Blueline Buff is Best Buff

Your morning links, carefully curated to include only cold takes.

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Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

ConferenceIII News

Dustin Byfuglien, home at last. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Maybe the NHL should have not let news of an outdoor game leak out before a venue was secured. (Winnipeg Free Press)

The Winnipeg Jets could add a couple good fourth liners to boost their possession game some more. (TSN)

The Chicago Blackhawks first line is scary good. (CBS Eye on Hockey)

NHL News

Bryan Murray will step down as the Ottawa Senators GM at the end of the year because Fuck Cancer. (Ottawa Citizen)

What has lead to Rick Nash's goal scoring resurgence? (Sportsnet)

The Buffalo Sabres are not worried about the culture of losing. (ESPN)

The absurdity of the NHL All Star Game. (Grantland)

The lost defensive defenceman. (CBS Eye on Hockey)

30 Thoughts. (Sportsnet)

Thoughts on Thoughts. (TheScore)

The NHL set up a line of credit for teams...and seven cannot use it. (Globe and Mail)

Sean Avery cannot math or tax stuff. (The Players Tribune)

Carey Price for Hart. (