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Jets beat Blackhawks. Caution: Feelings Ahead.

Empty your pockets, climb aboard and strap yourselves in because we're going on an emotional rollercoaster ride, friends.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Wow. That game was just one big old pile of crazy. Let's recap this thing, shall we?

The Jets came out of the gate pretty ready to go, but so was Chicago. 53 seconds in to the game, Brandon Saad scored the Blackhawks first goal and then things got a bit nasty between the teams. Anthony Peluso did Anthony Peluso things and drew a slew of penalties in the first which was pretty typical to be honest so whatever. Jim Slater got into a little scrap of his own after he knocked over Patrick Kane and Brent Seabrook took offense. Then a nice shorthanded goal by Zach Bogosian tied things up before the period ended.

The second wasn't really interesting and nobody scored but a very bad thing happened. I will discuss this very bad, terrible, no no, bad thing later in the recap.

The third was decent. The Jets seemed to come out strong and managed to get two more goals that almost went unanswered until little Teuvo Teravainen stepped up and got the Blackhawks to two. With the score 3-2 and just minutes left in the game, things got a little bonkers out on the ice. Luckily the Blackhawks net was empty and Andrew Ladd just happened to be there to get the nice empty netter and seal the deal for the Jets.

Ten Thoughts

1) Short handed goals: My TV told me tonight that the Jets have are tied with the Islanders for most short handed goals in the league right now with a count of eight seven which is pretty impressive. In addition to that, seven six of those goals came on the road including a nice, shiny one tonight from Mr. Zach Bogosian (nope).

(Edited this because I counted wrong and added wrong and totally mathed wrong and a reader helped me see my error. Thanks!)

2) Speaking of Zach Bogosian, what the heck happened with this guy? I mean that in a good way, I assure you. He's absolutely killing it out there for some reason and I'm pretty pleased. He has officially surpassed his points for last season (what, like beating 11 is hard?). Also, this:

3) Peluso did the fighting thing again.

(Also, take a gander at Bryan Bickell's face in the above image because that is making me laugh so hard I might wee myself)

4) So many of the penalties! SO MANY. Seven for the Jets and seven for the Blackhawks. The player with the most penalties tonight? Peluso with three total. See above for clarification as to the reason.

5) CHRIS THORBURN. SCORED. I don't think I need to go on with detail, just know that he scored and that makes 3 goals for Mr. CrazyBeard von NeedsAHaircut this season so far.

6) Hutchinson was, once again, pretty stellar tonight. He made some huge saves at the end of the game to keep the tie from happening.

7) Okay, I know this is what you're all waiting for. Here is the terrible, awful, no good thing that happened:

While we don't necessarily know right now the extent of the injury to Perreault, he wasn't able to return for the third and it looked pretty nasty. I find myself at a loss for words right now on this, to be honest. It's unforunate, for sure, but more than that it's a terrible play by a notably dirty player whose name isn't even worthy of being mentioned in my recap. That's right Dan Carcillo, you don't even merit a mentio.... wait. Crap.

Anyway, I hope Perreault is alright. I fear he isn't. If he's out long term, this will absolutely do some damage to the Jets.

8) You may disagree with me, and that's totally okay. Just wanted to state that right off the hop before I get to this next little bit. Okay? Here goes:

The best way to revenge an incredibly stupid, unnecessary injury to one of your players is not to pound the guy who did it's face in and potentially cause your team to become short handed. The best revenge is WINNING the game. And the Jets did just that tonight.

I totally understand the desire to see someone completely beat the snot out of Carcillo for his actions and to send a message. I get that train of thought and I was there initially as well right after the bad thing happened. After I calmed down a little bit, I realized that winning the game hurts more and sends a better message like "beat us up all you want, take our Matty P. away and we'll still score and we'll still win so go soak your head, fartface." I don't know. I'm likely in the minority here and that's okay too, just wanted to share my feels on this subject.

9) You guys, I know it was stressful for all of us watching the game when the Blackhawks scored their second goal, but seriously? Teuvo Teravainen's first goal was pretty. I love firsts and I refuse to get mad about some kid's first ever NHL goal. Congrats Teuvo. May this be the first of many to come. Just not against the Jets, okay?

10) I have no other real things to say, so I'm going to simply just put this here.