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Preview: Jets. Stars. Texas.

The Jets are in Texas to take on the Stars tonight. Can they score as many goals as they did against the Panthers? Will they be able to shut down Tyler Seguin? Is Hutchinson going to be in net? Can he just be in net ALWAYS from now on? Please?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets are coming off a massive high after walking all over the Florida Panthers in their last game at home before they embarked on a road trip. While it's not likely that they'll be able to repeat that performance again, there's hope that they'll be able to pull this one off and get the win.

The Stars have been struggling as of late and managed to squeak out a win against Ottawa in their last game. Prior to that win, they were in the middle of a four game losing streak and things just weren't going well for them at all. Goaltender Kari Lehtonen had an incredibly off evening against Ottawa and ended up with a very sad .600 sv% in the game.

Keys to the Game

Winnipeg Jets

The Dynamic Duo: Tyler Seguin. Jamie Benn. These two players are pretty phenomenal this season together, but Lindy Ruff chose to separate them in the last game to get things going. Whether they're on the ice together or apart, these two can make magic happen. Tyler Seguin has been having a particularly spectacular season and has proven himself to be a solid player for Dallas (who should be thanking their lucky stars that Peter Chiarelli and the Bruins management are imbeciles). Making sure that Seguin isn't able to generate shots on net is going to be key for the Jets, particularly if our dear friend, Ondrej Pavelec, is in goal. Ditto, Benn.

Not Going to be a Repeat: I know the Jets are probably feeling pretty invincible right now after posting 8 goals against the Panthers, but they will not likely be able to repeat that against the Stars. I hope that while they may be on some sort of "YAY WE ARE AWESOME!" high right now, they don't expect this game to be as amazing as that one was.

Dallas Stars

Watch out for Byfuglien: Dustin Byfuglien has transformed into a goal scoring, assist getting, one man wrecking crew and the Jets love it. Their fans love it. Byfuglien himself loves it. The Dallas Stars, however? Not so much. Be cautious of Big Buff. He will literally run you over out there.

The Stuisson Nightmare: Take advantage of this abomination on skates. Mark Stuart and Jay Harrison are not a pretty defensive pair and by exploiting the fact that the combination of the two is ugly and makes bad decisions can help the Stars score some much needed goals. Perhaps send Seguin out when they're on the ice? Probably a good idea.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

How about Jason Spezza? I feel like he should be booed tonight for some reason. I think it's his name. Or his having been an Ottawa Senator. Or maybe it's just his ears....


Jets 4

Stars 5

I don't know. I think the Stars could potentially pull this one off since they're coming back from a losing streak and have things to prove.