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FlightZone: The Kids Are (Hopefully) Alright

Lawless on the needed injection of skill from the kids, the Buffalo Sabres, and the NHL's new idea on player tracking.

Derek Leung

I agree with Lawless that the kids should play, but where in Chevy's plans does signing Thorburn for three more years fit?

The Buffalo Sabres will be both horrawful and terribad this upcoming year.

The Sabres powerplay was also horrawful and terribad.

Instead of using SportsVu, the NHL is exploring using chips on players to track the game at an elite level. (French)

The Dallas Stars use a unique breakout to coverup their weak defence. NHL coaches take note.

Shout-out to Corey Masisak who voted for Dustin Byfuglien as one of the top 14 powerplay dudes in the NHL.

The top 14 RW in the NHL as voted on by NHL writers.

Ryan Malone may get a second chance with the New York Rangers.

Mike Johnston, head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, started off as a coach in Australia.

A third party was in negotiations to buy the New York Islanders.

You should draft goalies, just don't draft them early.

The San Jose Sharks have lost some season ticket holders thanks to their insanity.

Charles Wang was going to use his own money to fix up Nassau Coliseum. Instead the New York Islanders are moving to Brooklyn.

Even the Los Angeles Kings don't always follow the word of the analytics gods.