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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario Round 2: Match-Up 2

It's the final match-up of round two, so get your voice heard now!

Tom Szczerbowski

If you aren't too sure what this is, you should probably check out one of the last two episodes of the JetStream Podcast first.  For those of you in the know, here is match-up number two of the second round of the 'Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario' bracket!


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Our first match up saw 'Trading Evander Kane' take on 'AHL demotion worthy seasons from Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba'. As of right now, trading Kane is holding on to a slight lead, so go vote if you haven't yet!

This time around we are asking you to tell us which you think would be worse for the Jets this season:

One of the Jets core players (Andrew Ladd, Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler, etc.) requesting a trade


The Jets losing Michael Frolik for nothing in free agency

Introductions to each side of the debate were made by the boys during Episode 39 of the JetStream Podcast, but here is a quick reminder of some of the points (both positive and negative) that were made:

A Core Player Demanding a Trade

  • This would set the Jets as a franchise way back from any current progress that has been made through the draft - they have problems, but in reality would be set back way further if the decent core group of guys wanted to leave

  • Could result in a landslide of aging (and other core) players wanting to get out of here

  • Would put the Jets at a disadvantage in any trade talks, limiting the potential return

  • Could be the kick start of a rebuild, giving the team/franchise a true direction and fresh start

  • If done well, you could double up on first round picks for next draft and increase the odds of obtaining McDavid (listen to JetStream for a full explanation)

Losing Frolik For Nothing

  • You would be losing a key player, and taking a big risk on your ability to find someone of his talent level again

  • Continues the "talent in, talent out" trend that has hampered the Jets from improving

  • You would be getting nothing in return for him leaving, whereas you at least get return from moving a core player

  • You may be avoiding a poor contract despite his talent level

  • It could be opening up a spot for a young player to step in

So, What Do You Think?

Which is it Jets fans?  Would a core player demanding a trade, or losing Michael Frolik for nothing be worse for the Jets?

We want to hear from you. New for this round, send in audio or video of you making your point to jetstreampodcast(at)gmail(dot)com, and you could be featured on the next episode of JetStream!  You can also tweet your response at us using #JetStream, or vote in the poll below and state your case in the comments!