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FlightZone: Jets Burned By Oil

Kane was almost traded, raising the quality of hockey discourse, and Jordan Subban responds to racism as maturely as possible.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets lost to the Edmonton Oilers last night and I learned about Louis Riel so I don't really know that happened.

Evander Kane was almost traded to the Philadelphia Flyers this summer.

Bob McKenzie with more on the Evander Kane near trade on the radio. (Starts at about 7 minutes)

We must all work to raise the level of hockey discourse, if we want a higher quality of conversation.

Bettman's Nightmare wrote something on who are actual good coaches.

Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron have real, on-ice chemistry.

Someone should be jobless after this terrible caption on a picture of Jordan Subban.

The problem with the caption of the Jordan Subban picture; beyond the obvious issue.

Jordan Subban responded to the caption in total Subban family fashion.

great summary of the entire Ryan Johansen situation from The Cannon.

Lou Lamerillo knows that both eyes and analytics are key for success in the NHL.

The next step in hockey analytics includes videos.

Jack Eichel does not know or compare himself to Connor McDavid.

ConferenceIII News: Joe Sakic and Patrick Roy don't care for analytics!

Pavel Datsyuk is out with a hurt shoulder.

Jordan Staal is out for an undetermined amount of time after suffering a broken leg.

Derek Stepan broke his leg in practice.

The Rangers are kind of screwed by this and here are their bad options. I would like to offer a gently used Chris Thorburn.

The Edmonton Oilers have some interesting depth at centre.

Sean Couturier will be given more offensive responsibility.