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FlightZone: Camp Day!!

It's a day for bad coffee and other things that you think of when you think of hockey...that and more Ryan Johansen drama.

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Marianne Helm

The seven year playoff itch probably won't be scratched yet.

And can the kids force Chevy to make a move?

Five battles that will most likely happen in Jets camp.

What to look for when the seven Canadian teams open camp today.

Erik Karlsson is a one man breakout machine.

Phil Kessel didn't like Steve Spott's idea for zone exits and the Leafs may not have their defencemen pinch often.

Justin Braun has been extended by the San Jose Sharks for five years.

Remember the Vancouver Canucks seventh man banner? Well you should!

Can Ryan Johansen and the Columbus Blue Jackets remain together at the end of their weird negotiations?

I mean, their president is the one saying stuff.

Can someone write a better drama than this negotiation? I challenge you all.

Damien Cox wrote an extremely reasonable take on why the Columbus Blue Jackets refuse to pay Johansen.

Should teams be paying for potential or for performance?

Saku Koivu transformed his game and extended his NHL career because of it. (French)

Ryan Kesler unfiltered is the best Ryan Kesler.

Josh Harding's broken ankle is supposedly due to an off-ice altercation with a teammate.

Jen LC wrote about how shot suppression is the name of the game in hockey.

More nasty contract negotiations; this time featuring Marc Methot!

Someday, the NHL will have ads on jerseys.

Ottawa lost the Senators to St. Louis.

I agree, the NHL should start respecting women and girls.