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FlightZone: Maurice Wants Hard Work

Ehlers dreams big, Wright moves on, and the Habs have no captain.

Marianne Helm

Paul Maurice will make the Jets work hard in training camp.

Nikolaj Ehlers wants to make the Jets this year.

James Wright (the next Guy Carbonneau), has signed with Zagreb in the KHL.

The Montreal Canadiens will not name a captain this year, and the move makes sense when you look at it pragmatically.

Scott Cullen wrote a brief summary of Alberta Hockey Analytics Conference.

Bobby Ryan wants to see what his role on the Senators is before re-signing. This will also give Eugene Melnyk more time to find money in his couch.

Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts has returned *dance party*

Steven Stamkos has a ridiculous shot.

If you live in Canada, you get a 24/7 like show on Sportsnet (censored); if you are in the US, you get the show on Epix.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are playing a dangerous game with Ryan Johansen.

And Jarmo Kekalainan believes that all players should be in camp when they start.