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Penticton Young Stars FancyStats: Vancouver Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets

Shot metrics for a prospects tournament? Yes please!

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

I'm in Penticton to watch the Winnipeg Jets, prospect edition. Of course, with my interest of shot metrics, I decided to track some numbers for this game.

It is difficult to track live, especially when the focus is on watching the game, taking notes, and enjoying the experience. So to simplify things, I essentially tracked a line's or pair's Corsi%. This means that there is a bit of inaccuracy in the individual, especially when wingers started getting double shifted after JC Lipon got kicked out of the game. For the most part, the numbers are most representative of the centre of each line.

For fun, I've employed the help of good friend Rhys Jessop, of That's Offside! and Canuck's Army(who I've made this trip with) to offer some thoughts from the oponent fan perspective.

Recall that Corsi events are just shot attempts for 5v5 situations, and approximate puck possession.


Info Zone Usage First Period Second Period Third Period Game
1 Nic Petan 6 7 2 75% 6 1 5 3 4 -1 5 3 2 14 8 6
Adam Lowry
Scott Kosmachuk
2 Chase De Leo 2 3 2 50% 6 6 0 3 5 -2 2 1 1 11 12 -1
Chase Balisy
JC Lipon
3 Axel Blomqvist 5 2 1 83% 5 2 3 4 4 0 3 3 0 12 9 3
Ben Walker
Jimmy Lodge
4 Jean Dupuy 3 1 5 38% 4 3 1 3 5 -2 3 4 -1 10 12 -2
Ryan Olsen
Austen Brassard


The first line ended up with the Jets best Corsi differential and also scored four of the Jets five goals.

Rhys: Nic Petan is some sort of alien hockey wizard with future-seeing extra sensory telekinetic. Lowry is very tall, although I didn't notice much outside of that. Kosmachuk was tenacious with a good release, which should be expected of a guy who scored almost 50 goals and over a hundred points in the OHL.

Garret: Petan was amazing defensively and offensively. He also was missed credit for his 2A on top of his goal. Lowry had a solid game, although sometimes seemed lost in the offensive zone.

The second line was a source of a lot of the Jets chances against, despite not exactly taking the toughest of assignments. Their ice time was cut significantly after Lipon was ejected for fighting before the play started.

Rhys: De Leo had his best sequences of the night when he was on the ice with Petan, a player who he could pass with. Balisy didn't provide of anything for me to notice (I was mostly watching the Canucks). Lipon had a good fight with Dave Fox, although seemed more concerned on breaking Jordan Subban's ribs then defending that PP goal.

Garret: De Leo made some nice passes with Petan in traffic in one sequence and showed some skills. Balisy didn't really stand out to me either, although I did see some defensive awareness in his backchecking. Lipon did do some nice passing plays before getting ejected, although I agree with Rhys that he can get distracted in his pest role (although I love his pest attitude).

The third line was very impressive. They were sheltered but played well. Blomqvist, Lodge, and Walker were all noticeable in their ability to gain zone entries with control.

Rhys: Blomqvist is tough not to notice since he is so frigging big and has nice hands, but could use his size to drive to the net more effectively. Walker was very fast with and without the puck, which he used to beat Mackenzie Stewart impressively at one point. Lodge was least noticeable of the line, but he did have one nifty play in the third.

Garret: Blomqvist doesn't play like you would expect of a player his size, but what matters is whether or not he is effective. Walker impressed me, as I hadn't noticed him that much when watching the Blomqvist and the Victoria Royals last season. Lodge didn't play as well as yesterday, but did have some good moments... he really needs to add muscle on that frame of his to complement his raw skills.

The fourth line was given the defensive zone assignments, and did okay considering.

Rhys: Dupuy was the beneficiary of a brain cramp by Josh Thrower, although nothing came of the chance. Olsen played well in the defensive zone, had a nice set up play at one point, and also did well blocking shots on the PK, although I admit my bias in being friends of the family. Brassard would be someone you'd expect more from as a twenty-one year old, but wasn't really noticeable.

Garret: I didn't notice Dupuy at all except for two missed chances when some Canuck pizzas ended up on his stick, which he missed the net on both. Olsen had the fun job of being a defensive zone specialist, which included taking some face offs, exiting the zone and getting off the ice before getting a chance in creating offense. Brassard played like he wanted to improve upon last season, although you'd expect the older guys to play better.


Info Zone Usage First Period Second Period Third Period Game
1 Josh Morrissey 5 5 4 56% 5 8 -3 4 5 -1 6 3 3 15 16 -1
Brenden Kichton
2 Rafs Freibergs 4 4 5 44% 9 2 7 5 8 -3 5 4 1 19 14 5
Jan Kostalek
3 Zach Bell 7 4 1 88% 7 2 5 4 5 -1 2 4 -2 13 11 2
Nelson Nogier


Wow, the first pair had a tough night. Tons of brain farts in the defensive zone lead to the Jets getting pinned in their own zone far too often.

Rhys: Morrissey showed good hands in the power play, but for a guy as talented and prolific as he was in junior you'd like to see more. Kichton struggled in his own zone, but wasn't quite so bad as to be really noticeable from a non-Jets fan perspective.

Garret: This pair was bad by the numbers and the eye test. Morrissey of course will be suffering from high expectations from Jets fans, much like Trouba did in his first rookie tournament. I wonder how much his large weight gain this summer has to do with his struggles. Kichton was on the ice for a lot of shot attempts against...

The second pair was the opposite of the first pair. They played a very quiet and effective game.

Rhys: I can't say I really noticed Friebergs or Kostalek, but sometimes the best defensemen are like that, where you don't notice them unless you are actively looking for particular things.

Garret: Friebergs and Kostalek both played similar quiet games. They both outlet and skated the puck out of dangerous situations and allowed the Jets forwards make some chances.

The third pair was highly sheltered, which would normally be an odd thing to do to a 21 year old and a guy who took the toughs for his WHL squad.

Rhys: Bell literally beat up Mackenzie Stewart, which is funny since the Jets were metaphorically beating up Stewart all night long. Nogier was neither noticeably bad nor great.

Garret: You'd think with a 18 year old and 21 year old the play would have been swapped. Bell suffered with defensive assignments and moving the puck. Nogier did pretty well given his age at both factors.