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Penticton Preview: Jets vs Canucks

Kids vs kids, this time Winnipeg vs Vanncouver

Justin K. Aller

This evening the Winnipeg Jets will play game two of their three game Penticton mini-tournament. After a sloppy outing versus the Flames top prospects, they are set to face the Canucks. Both teams are coming off losses and hoping to find a little more organization in their game moving forward.

The wins and losses in a tournament like this may not matter, but pride always keeps these game interesting. Hockey is back yo! Hockey is back!

Three Things

Winnipeg Jets

Offensive defense. The second and third period of the last game was a mess defensively. Assignments were blown and scrambles were a plenty. The Jets coaching staff will want this cleaned up so they can better evaluate their defensive players.

Low power. The Jets may be without their electric Nikolaj Ehlers come game time. Removing him takes away some scoring punch, so others will have to step up. Luckily for the Jets they have sent a lot of skill to this tournament.

Moar Stops: If this wasn't a storyline, we wouldn't be talking Jets. Connor Hellebuyck had a rough go last game. Today's starter will be hoping fro a better game.

Vancouver Canucks

Putting the try in chemistry. The Canucks were a little sloppy offensively in game one. As a result they have juggled their lines. Will they find their chemistry? They surely hope so.

Move some pucks. The defensive group that the Nucks brought to Penticton is far from impressive. Jordan Subban can move some pucks, but their isn't a ton of offense coming from the back end. The Nucks defenders will need to move some pucks to avoid getting caught by the Jets possession pass happy approach.

A third thing. This is me mailing it in in the pre-preseason.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Jared McCann - Why? Because you McCann.


Jets 8

Canucks 2