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Penticton Game 1: Flames vs Jets Recap

Flames win 6-4 in a slop fest.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

After a long off season fans of the Winnipeg Jets and Calgary Flames were finally able to watch their teams play. All in, the game was sloppy, but it was hockey and it was nice to have it back. Sloppy wasn't unexpected though, these things happen when a team is slapped together with little practice time.

The game itself was up and down. The Winnipeg Jets dominated early, but scrambled late and slowly watched their lead disappear. The final score was Flames 6, Jets 4.

Ten Thoughts:

  • The first period was ALL Jets. They dominated and carried play in all three zones. After that, things became much more even and perhaps tilted in Calgary's favor.
  • The mobility of the Winnipeg Jets defenders stood out in a big way early. Everybody there, even the invites can skate and moves the puck well. Granted, they all made a handful of mistakes tonight.
  • Adam Lowry was vicious tonight, smashing many players with big, clean hits and even dropping the gloves at one point. He will quickly become a fan favorite whenever he make the jump to Winnipeg.
  • The same can be said about JC Lipon. Lippy was noticable for his skill throughout the game. He protected the puck well, showed off his hands and made some beautiful passes throughout the game. He was also quick assert himself and end a scuffle involving Josh Morrissey.
  • Lipon's linemate Nic Petan looked great too. He is an incredible passer and he is incredibly patient with the puck. Petan sends pucks tape to tape through traffic and occasionally through defenders legs. The preseason may just be getting rolling, but he already looks to be in top form.
  • Recent first rounder Nikolaj Ehers looks sharp too. After a bit of a slow start he began to dominate shifts. Fans got a good view of his darting offense and quick release. Twitter suggests they like what they saw.
  • Jimmy Logde and Axel Blomqvist got together on a couple very nice goals. Blomqvist doesn't get enough credit for his hands and Lodge is easily among the most skilled players in the Jets system. Both players remain raw, but their is real potential in both cases, especially with Lodge.
  • Among the invitees, Nikolas Brouilliard made an crazy deke and attacked the net early. Chase Balisy made a beautiful pass to set up a goal and Ben Walker got the finish on another pretty passing play.
  • Johnny Gaudreau's goal was incredible and definitely deseves a mention.
  • These games are not made for goalies. It is unlikely that Connor Hellebuyck is happy with his play, but goalies often get shelled in these things. I wouldn't read into it.

The Jets prospects are back in action Sunday afternoon. We will have pre and post game coverage of that game as well. What stood out to you about today's game?