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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario: The Finals

The Kids, or The Vets. Losing which group is truly worse for this team?

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If you aren't too sure what this is...where the heck have you been?!?! You should probably check back to one of the last three episodes of the JetStream Podcast first. For those of you who don't enjoy that comfy crawlspace under a rock, here is the final match-up of the 'Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario' showdown!


You have voted, you have tweeted, you have commented, and now we are finally able to introduce the final two contestants in what may be the most fear-inducing bracket this website has ever produced. So we once again ask you Jets fans; what's worse?

AHL-Demotion worthy seasons from Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba


One of the Jets core players (Andrew Ladd, Blake Wheeler, Bryan Little, etc.) requesting a trade

Introductions to each side of the debate have been made throughout the month on the JetStream Podcast, but here is a quick reminder of the points that have been made (both positive and negative):

Demotion Worthy Seasons

  • This would start to raise some serious concerns in regards to how good of a player Mark Scheifele is, and potentially raise eyebrows in regards to Trouba
  • Questions and fear about Chevy's drafting ability in this "draft and develop" culture would grow rapidly
  • You would be creating gigantic holes in places of weakness throughout the Jets lineup
  • You would not be getting any kind of 'return' from these players having to get sent down like you would via trade - they would simply be gone and need to be replaced (HELLO WAIVERS)
  • These could just be 'blips' on both players long-term radar
  • Time to develop properly in the AHL, while avoiding what could become a negative culture in Winnipeg may be beneficial for both players (Scheifele developing defensively, Trouba avoiding Stuart)
  • The huge holes could result in a McDavid draft pick

Core Player Trade Request

  • Sends a poor message to the fans, other players, and the league in regards to how bad things are getting here (makes it more difficult to attract players)
  • Would be losing one (if not multiple) of the most underrated, best players on the team & potentially in the league
  • Could result in a landslide of players wanting to get out of here
  • A trade request puts the Jets at a disadvantage during trade talks, which could seriously hamper any potential return
  • This could set the Jets as a franchise much further back than they already are & hamper progress made through the draft - they have problems, but losing this core group is hard to recover from
  • You could initiate a proper rebuild from the potential return you get from these guys
  • If done well, you could possibly double up on your chances of drafting McDavid
  • Could result in Chevy getting fired

So What Do You Think?

Which is it Jets fans? Are AHL-demotion worthy seasons from Scheifele and Trouba, or is a core player demanding a trade the worst thing that could happen to the Jets this season?

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