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FlightZone: Hutchinson is a Masked Man

Michael Hutchinson's new mask, more one Neilson Numbers, and I laugh at Alberta.

Marianne Helm

Michael Hutchinson's new mask is pretty.

Jonathan Willis with a much more in-depth version of why Neilson Numbers are not the best stat to rely on for evaluation of players.

Why does MSM hate bloggers and why does Steve Simmons think you should listen to him?

Kevin Hayes worked the NHL's system perfectly for himself.

A mock draft of hypothetical NHL expansion.

Sheldon Brookbank has been invited to try-out for the Calgary Grits Flames of the NHL.

Craig MacTavish and the Edmonton Oil Spills Oilers are delusional about Justin Schultz.

Matt Nichol was fired by the Toronto Maple Leafs and now is a well respected trainer.

OHL Prospects (Brock Otten) has released his pre-season top 30.

The war between the CHL and the NCAA and why some players choose to go to the CHL.

Josh Harding is healthy, Darcy Kuemper is unsigned, and Nicklas Backstrom has to be paid for two more years. The Minnesota Wild goalies, everyone.

Brent Burns is now a defender again. Adjust your predictions accordingly.

The relationship between Barry Trotz and Alex Ovechkin seems to be off to a fine start.

Ryan Johansen probably will not have a new contract by the time training camp starts and the Columbus Blue Jackets have a plan for that occurence.