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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario: Match-Up 4

The final match-up of round one is finally upon us!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

If you have no clue what this is, you should probably check out the latest episode of the JetStream Podcast first.  For those of you in the know, here is match up number four of the "Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario" showdown!


Our first match up saw Trading Evander Kane take on A Good Year From Pavelec. Right now, trading Evander is holding a substantial lead.

Match up number two has seen AHL-Demotion Worthy Seasons from Trouba & Scheifele take a big lead over Serious Injuries to Either Trouba or Enstrom.

Yesterday's match up has been a little closer, but Losing Micheal Frolik for Nothing currently holds a lead over Just missing the Playoffs (again).

All polls will close Saturday morning, so if you haven't voted yet get on it!

Today we introduce the final match up of round one, and once again ask you fans which is worse:

One of Little/Ladd/Wheeler/etc. (a core player) Demanding a Trade


A Sudden Extension for Kevin Cheveldayoff (assuming no other moves are made)

Brief introductions to each side of the debate were made during this week's episode of JetStream, but here's a quick reminder of some of the points made (both positive and negative) by the guys:

One of the Core Guys Demanding a Trade:

  • Sends a negative message to the rest of the team/league about the perceived direction of the organization & the city as a whole (making it harder to obtain free agents)
  • Would be losing one of (if not multiple) the best, underrated players in the lineup/league
  • Handcuffs the team into a very disadvantageous trade position, potentially limiting return
  • Could be the kick-start of a proper rebuild (McDavid potential?)
  • Could result in Chevy getting fired

Extending Kevin Cheveldayoff

  • You would be extending the person that many view as the primary problem
  • It would be a completely unwarranted and undeserved extension (no playoffs, no player for player trades)
  • Could be fundamentally the most damning decision (fan reactions would be unpredictable)
  • Shows commitment, but how much is too much?
  • Despite an extension, you can always fire a GM

So What Do you Think?

Which is it Jets fans? Would one of the core guys (Andrew Ladd, Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler, etc.) demanding a trade, or a sudden extension for Kevin Cheveldayoff be worse for the Jets? Be sure to vote in the poll below, tweet at us using #JetStream, and state your case for what you think would be worse!