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FlightZone: Haters to the Left

Ehlers ambition, Neilson Numbers explained, and

Bruce Bennett

Nikolaj Ehlers thinks he can play in the NHL this season.

Arby motivates the Jets to prove him wrong.

Arik Parnass on the problem with Neilson Numbers and why Corsi is superior.

Garret on how shots against affects save percentage.

The Columbus Blue Jackets have a reason to be skeptical of Ryan Johansen.

Alex Ovechkin's political picture and what it means.

Two Canadian Coast Guards reached the North Pole and played hockey.

Rogers Sportsnet announced their new hockey crew and it was a mix of good and bad. Only 3 females in a crew of 42 though.

So, Las Vegas expansion is a go according to Dan Patrick.

The legacy of the Hartford Whalers today in the NHL.

Seven NHL teams are captainless; here are some potential replacements.