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FlightZone: Freaky Friday for Pavelec?

Pavelec gets a new body, pretty goals, and a junior goalie quits.

Marianne Helm

Ondrej Pavelec has changed bodies. Has anyone told Allan Walsh that it isn't Friday yet?

Another pretty goal, this time from Gustav Nyquist.

Sonny Milano left Boston College for the OHL and still hasn't signed a NHL contract.

Jake Patterson (the other one) has quit hockey it seems.

Kyle Dubas continues to show an understanding of what analytics are and how they should be used.

What are three traits of good zone entry/exit teams? Justin Bourne breaks down the tactics.

The Boston Bruins need to make a trade. Who they trade may depend on the return.

Birky of Pension Plan Puppets looks at bad analysis of analytics.

Is the NHL going to be expanding to Las Vegas soon?

Arik Parnass is using Tyler Dellow's Open Play Corsi as a launching point into proving the (in)effectiveness of Shawn Thornton.