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Top Guns: Winnipeg Jets Best Pointscorers

We take a look at some of the Jets top performers in underlying statistics, while also showing where their two UFA additions may fit.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past three seasons, underlying numbers have increased greatly in understanding for the general public. At the same time, Winnipeg has enjoyed three seasons of the Jets second edition as a NHL franchise.

In this mini-series, Arctic Ice Hockey takes a look at how the Jets' roster has performed in these metrics relative to each other in finding the best of the best. We also look at how new Jets Mathieu Perreault and T.J. Galiardi have performed in these numbers over the same time period.

In this edition, we combine goal scoring and assists, and simply look at point totals. Nice and easy.

Top End Players

First let's look at the players most likely to fill the top end of the roster.

Player P/60
Blake Wheeler 2.07
Andrew Ladd 2.04
Evander Kane 2.00
Michael Frolik* 1.98
Bryan Little 1.82
Mark Scheifele 1.49
Mathieu Perreault 2.34

*Frolik and Halischuk's numbers are only for their 2013-14 season, due to being new additions to the Jets


* While Wheeler did not win either the best goalscorer or best playmaker title, he comes away with the overall pointscorer title with his ability to excel at both.

* Andrew Ladd and Evander Kane is not far away from Blake Wheeler.

* Michael Frolik's single sample size is small, but it is promising as his on-ice percentages were within reasonable levels. If he is able to repeat this rate, he could be looking at a pay raise next summer.

* Mark Scheifele's numbers were more along the lines of Bryan Little's level for the second half of last season. Statistically this would be cherry picking; however, as a fan, you are allowed to hope for more of those levels.

* Holly crap Mathieu Perreault! Perreault has always excelled at putting up points but under easy minutes. He has the NHL's 18th highest P/60 rate for this time period if you look only at players with 1000+ 5v5 minutes. If you want a comparable: Patrick Kane scores at a 2.33 P/60 rate and is usually given soft minutes as well.

Bottom End Players

Now let's look at the players most likely not to fill the top end of the roster.

Player P/60
Eric O`Dell 1.31
Matt Halischuk* 1.28
Anthony Peluso 1.10
Chris Thorburn 1.10
Jim Slater 0.95
Eric Tangradi 0.68
T.J. Galiardi 1.21

*Frolik and Halischuk's numbers are only for their 2013-14 season, due to being new additions to the Jets


* Eric O`Dell's sample size is small but very promising. While he wasn't taking tough minutes, he excelled relative to the role he was given.

*  Matt Halischuk, like Tim Stapleton before him, is a bottom six scorer... if only his two-way game was better.

* Anthony Peluso and Chris Thorburn are hilariously similar.

* I know there is a lot of hate on Eric Tangradi due to lack of scoring, but with his possession numbers I truly believe if you put him with the right players (maybe Tangradi-O`Dell-Halischuk) he can be used effectively and optimally.

* T.J. Galiardi's numbers are promising, especially given his low shooting percentage the last two seasons.