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Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario: Match-Up 1

The Goalie Vs. The Star

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

If you have no clue what this is, you should probably check out the latest episode of the Jetstream Podcast first. But for those of you in the know, here is match-up number one of the epic "Winnipeg Jets Worst Case Scenario" showdown!


Today, we feature Ondrej Pavelec having a good year VS. Trading Evander Kane.

Brief introductions to each side of the debate were made in this week's episode of JetStream, but here's a quick reminder of the points (both positive and negative) the guys made:

Pavelec's (likely unsustainable) Good Year

  • Could cause a delay in the development of Hutchinson (or other goaltenders) in response to one good year of goal tending from Pav
  • It's more than likely going to be a one year outlier with long term ramifications, such as a renewed contract (depending on how Chevy responds)
  • Likely results in a competition for a playoff spot
  • Could potentially be a turning point in his career

Trading Evander Kane

  • You would be giving up an extremely skilled, point producing star at a young age
  • You are creating a huge hole in the lineup that you currently cannot fill
  • You are likely going to lose any trade in which you are getting rid of Evander Kane
  • You increase the likelihood of being able to draft Connor McDavid
  • You could identify and fill some serious holes throughout the Jets roster (similar to the Blue Jackets with Rick Nash)

So What Do You Think?

Which is it Jets fans?  Would a good year out of Ondrej Pavelec, or trading away Evander Kane be worse for the Jets?  Be sure to vote in the poll below, tweet at us using #JetStream, and make your case for what you think would be worse!