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"Sleeping On His Dock" - An ode to Kevin Cheveldayoff's summer for the Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets, and particularly their GM Kevin Cheveldayoff, have come under some heavy scrutiny for making so few changes to a non-playoff team this summer. I thought I'd put it to song. You're welcome, and I hope it gets stuck in your head.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

(unfortunately there are no instrumental versions on YouTube, so a karaoke version will have to suffice if you wish to sing along)

"Sleeping on his Dock"

Summer came a calling and we all had hope

that some changes would be made,

Lots of bad contracts were expiring, there might've been a trade

Man, was I ready....

Halischuk, Ellerby, Pardy, Thor

were all gonna leave,

No way that any of them would return, we all wanted to believe

But now I'm ready.... To BoooooOoooooo!

Chevy wasted summer sleeping on his dock

Zinger's in the laundry room, scrubbing jocks

While Chipman counts his dough.

The Jets kept the band together, barely changed a thing

The other teams in #ConfereceIII are all laughing

Playoffs?  How 'bout no?

Who're they trying to kid?  They're closer to drafting Mc..Dav...Id...

Frolik was gonna sign a long-term deal

And some kids were gonna play,

There was a chance Pavelec would get bought out, it was totally the right play

I sure was ready....

Instead they retained nearly everyone from last year

'cept for Olli and for Gooch,

Perreault & Hutch had best be saviours, or else this season is pooched

So it's time to get ready.... To BoooooOoooooo!

(Repeat Chorus x3)


* Acknowledgement to The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band for providing the original song and lyrics

** S/T to @stace_ofbase of the Battle of Cali for the format inspiration from the excellent Trade Em for Nothing parody she made.