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FlightZone: Jets News (not) Flooding the Web

With no interviews or favourited tweets, Winnipeg Jets news was calm but the San Jose Sharks insane (again) and made Joe sad.

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Marianne Helm

Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau are the problem in San Jose because of the things that they do.

Those things that Joe Thornton does are really good and he is being unfairly maligned for the Sharks failure this year.

Connor McDavid is getting a head start at adjusting to Buffalo.

Elliotte Friedman explains why Tim Leiweke is leaving MLSE "soon".

Don Cherry and Ron MacLean did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and it was fantastic.

The CIS is expanding their scholarships to try to keep more Canadian women in Canada for university.

The Hottakery has its NHL predictions in and the Jets are a middling team.