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FlightZone: Kane Talks Jets, PoMo

Evander Kane did an interview, Burmi may not want to return to Winnipeg, and Blomqvist's brother tells a sad tale.

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Evander Kane did an interview with TEAM1040 in Vancouver and said some interesting things.

Alexander Burmistrov may not want to return to Winnipeg.

Axel Blomqvist's brother Albin retired due to concussions and isn't that happy with the hockey world.

The odds have been changed in the NHL Draft Lottery for 2016.

If a player says they are in the best shape of their life, does that really mean anything.

Joe Thornton is no longer the captain of the San Jose Sharks.

It is now unclear if a deal has been reached in the Steve Moore/Todd Bertuzzi lawsuit.

Kevin Hayes has signed with the New York Rangers.

Steve Dangle nails the blog vs MSM fight. There are many good MSM guys and many good bloggers, let's be friends.

More on where to go to find advanced stats without ExtraSkater.

Don't sign goalies to long term, big money contracts based on one year of good play.

Sidney Crosby is great, partially because he does everything well. (French)

The Toronto Maple Leafs and the New York Islanders finally have some good news for their fans to talk about.

Stuff is happening in minor league hockey...what will happen next?