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Winnipeg Jets Top 25 Under 25 - #16 Jack Glover

We look at the top 25 players under the age of 25 in the Winnipeg Jets organization, as voted by the authors of Arctic Ice Hockey.

Jeff Zelevansky
Rank DOB Age Acquired Pos Garret Terrell Tim Ryan Travis TJ Daniel Jacob
16 1996/05/17 18 #69, 2014 RD 18 10 18 25 18 18 14 19

Previous Rank: Not Ranked

Jack Glover has height (6'3"), skating and a decent pass. He plays all three zones well while not being particularly overwhelming in any to make him a top pick. These attributes led for Glover to be considered a potential late first round pick at the start of the year. However, over the season his draft stock started to fall, although without much explanation. There have been some scouts who pointed out to lost zone coverage in his own zone as a concern.

The USNDTP had quite a few high profile defensemen, all drafted around the same range this year. It will be interesting to track the defenders progression through the NCAA. Here are their stats from last year to compare:

Name Size Drafted Pts/GP
Ryan Collins 6'5", 205 lbs 47 0.12
Jack Dougherty 6'2", 190 lbs 51 0.40
Jonnathan MacLeod 6'2", 201 lbs 57 0.22
Jack Glover 6'3", 185 lbs 69 0.47
Louis Belpedio 5'10", 194 lbs 80 0.38

Glover is thought to have very high upside, and will have plenty of time to develop in Minnesota.

AIH Authors' Thoughts:


Glover is big and he skates well. This type of defender tends to go early in the NHL draft. Inconsistencies in physical play and some questions about hockey sense are likely why Glover slid into the third round. Still, there is a lot to like. Glover can be described as a Jack of all trades. He can score, he defends well and he can engage physically at times. This upcoming season will be an interesting one for those tracking Glover's development. The NCAA game is very different than that of US junior hockey. A smooth transition will likely boost Jack up next year's rankings. Adding mass will likely help with the transition.


I haven't been able to catch much of Glover personally; however, I've heard a good many things from those that I trust on the matter. His production numbers are quite decent for a player who is talked as more defensive with puck moving attributes.


I only saw Glover during the scrimmage at this years Development Camp, but I thought he really stood out in the brief viewing. He seemed very calm and composed in the "game" setting. I'll be interested in seeing if he can prove that the Jets took advantage of a faller in the draft again here, as it sounds like he has the talent to be a good one.


Jack Glover is one of the Jets' best two-way defense prospects.  He is an above-average skater with a good "hockey IQ".  Offensively, Glover has strong potential, is a good passer, and possesses a good wrist shot, although his slapshot leaves a bit to be desired.  Defensively, Glover is not afraid to get involved physically but prefers to play a strong positional game.  He reads plays pretty well, which helps him cut down passing and shooting lanes. 

Glover has the potential to be a top-4 defenseman in the NHL, but it's going to take some time for him to get there.  Standing 6-foot-3 but weighing in at only ~175 lbs, Glover needs to gain strength before he can play at the pro level.  I've also heard that his edgework and pivots could use some improvement.  A product of the U.S. National Under-18 Team, Glover has committed to playing at the University of Minnesota next season where he'll look to refine these finer points of his game.

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