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Alexander Burmistrov "will almost certainly return to NHL"

Burmistrov mentions he intends to return to the NHL for the 2015-16 season

Bruce Fedyck - USA TODAY Sports

Winnipeg Jets' asset Alexander Burmistrov conducted an interview for, where he commented on multiple topics. One topic, the former Jet touched on was a possible return to the NHL.

Here are some quotes from the original interview. Be forewarned, the translation is strictly by Google translate and therefore could be missing important contextual information.

Before the World Cup, you refused to comment on your career overseas, saying that you will look at it during the summer. Judging by the fact that now in an Ak Bars uniform, you have made your decision?

- I have one more year on my contract. And really I would be deciding next summer. In any case, I do not believe that my story in the NHL is over. I will almost certainly return there.

But, there's so much [money] you will not receive?

- For me, the money now does not play any role. I have a dream.

But, Winnipeg tried to have you traded once?

- I know, but that is something I cannot influence. I would like to get to the team, where I played, but I have no preferences and wishes. If traded, we will have to accept this.

The original article can be found in Russian here.

A few notes:

* If Burmistrov was to return for the 2015-16 season to the NHL, his rights are still owned by the Jets. There are  only four possible outcomes. 1) His rights could be traded elsewhere, then he signs. 2) He could be signed to add certainty to his value and then traded. 3) He could be signed and play for the Jets (with a possibility of trade in future). 4) He could stay in the KHL.

* We know that Burmistrov looked at the possibility of buying out the second year of his own contract in the KHL with his own money, but failed to come to terms with the Jets that worked for both sides.

* I've heard that Burmistrov had long discussions (prior to deciding to stay for his second season in the KHL) with Paul Maurice that were "positive". How much truth is in that, I do not know. But, I'll accept any source of hope.