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FlightZone: Jets Day on NHL looks at the Jets and #FancyStats get another week in-depth talk.

Marianne Helm

It was JetsDay on and they had some great content.

Dallas Eakins on how a NHL coach can use #FancyStats.

Brendan Shanahan still made some bad moves this summer guys.

Who should you follow on Twitter if you want to know more about #FancyStats.

Another take on what is next for #FancyStats.

When NHL teams hire #FancyStats guys,they have to hire the right guys or they may be screwed.

And Down Goes Brown has a guide for teams on how to know if they are hiring a good stats guy.

Lowetide gives an oral history of the Gretzky trade.

Some hockey fans (a hockey fan) painted a full rink on a parking lot in Texas!

Bartley Kives sings to us about Bombers kicker Lirim H. and I know you are Bombers fans so listen up!