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Winnipeg Jets Trade Samuels-Thomas, Don't Sign Dany Heatley

Some action, and relieving, if not at all surprising, inactivity from the Jets.

Justin K. Aller

Samuels-Thomas traded to Buffalo

The Winnipeg Jets have traded winger Jordan Samuels-Thomas to the Buffalo Sabres. If the name sounds at all familiar, then it's probably because you've heard that he becomes an unrestricted free agent if he doesn't sign by August 15th. If the seventh round, 203rd overall, pick from 2009 signs with the Sabres before that time, then the Jets receive a seventh round pick in the 2015 NHL Draft.

Rumours to rest

You may have heard weeks ago rumors of the two-time 50-goal scorer Dany Heatley possibly returning to the organization his NHL career started in. With the weak offensive seasons that the "F***ing All-star" has had in recent years, it's safe to say that not a lot of Jets fans were eager for this to happen. Worry not Jets fans. Heatley has taken his (diminishing) talents to SoCal, signing with the Anaheim Ducks. He signed for one year at $1 Million.

Other than that, no news. Big surprise, I know.