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Winnipeg Jets Agree to Terms with UFA Matt Halischuk on a 1-Year, 2-Way Deal

The Winnipeg Jets needed depth and they added some.

Christian Petersen

In a surprise move, the Jets have agreed to terms with right winger Matt Halischuk.

Matt Halischuk is a fan favorite due to his on ice work ethic. He has earned the nickname "Hustlechuk" as a result. Halischuk is a speedy little bugger, with some penalty killing ability and he can score a little, but the fancy stats really, really, really don't like him.

All in, this is a very fair deal. The Winnipeg Jets need depth and that is all this amounts to. Halischuk is on a similar contract to Eric O'Dell and Carl Klingberg. He will likely be battling with them for an NHL roster spot. Will he win or will be block a prospect from logging NHL ice time? We will have to wait and see.