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FlightZone: Plundering Players?

The Jets try to plunder a good player off of a team that is cap strapped And Arby is sad.

Kevin C. Cox

Still not a dream, Ed Tait gives us Chevy's comments on keeping Chris Thorburn.

A brief aside on Mathieu Perreault and other stuff from July 1.

Which teams should the Winnipeg Jets try to "plunder" a player from?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have reunited the (old) band under their bad coach.

How the New York Islander killed Arby's dream of the Jets signing Grabovski and Kulemin.

Fear the Fin is not a fan of the San Jose Sharks getting Ice Girls.

Travis Yost rakes Dale Tallon over the coals for the contract he gave Dave Bolland.

Rick Jeanneret has throat cancer, but intends on returning when healthy. Get well soon, Rick.

Where will Martin Brodeur land next season? And don't say in the retirement home.

Allan Walsh stirring up feces over a client? Say it ain't so.

Jason Spezza did not ask for a trade because he doesn't like Canada. Over to you, Mr. Melnyk!