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Much Ado About Taters (aka Michael Frolik)

Michael Frolik signed a one-year deal and the world is ending. Gee willikers!

Richard Wolowicz

Holy smokers! Winnipeg Jets fans are on edge! Fan favorite Michael Frolik signed a one year contract today, thus the world is ending! Yes. Michael Frolik is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent and the expiration of this deal, but that is a little over 11 months away and plenty can happen between then and now.

Things We Know, Things We Don't

The why's of a situation are always fun to ponder. We can wonder why the Winnipeg Jets filed for arbitration if they had no interest in going to arbitration. Why play chicken with yourself? We can also wonder about what kind of dollar figure each side was looking for, but we cannot fairly pin blame on either side. Why? Because we don't know everything.

Nobody, outside of the negotiating parties, knows why the two sides were unable to agree on a long term deal.

  • Perhaps the Jets' lowballed their offer.
  • Perhaps the Jets' self imposed deadline forced a short term deal.
  • Perhaps Allan Walsh was asking for too much.
  • Perhaps the Frolik camp wants the pressure of unrestricted free agency to add leverage.
  • Maybe it was a combination of these things or all of them.
  • Maybe it was something else.
As outsiders, we don't know what led the one year deal. All we know about is the outcome.

Talks Ongoing

Will he re-sign? Unknown, but we do know that both sides say they are interested in continuing talks.

Of course, ongoing talks don't guarantee a deal. It is entirely possible that the Allan Walsh and Kevin Cheveldayoff hit an impasse, but it is also possible that they get something done.

What Happens Next?

Who knows, but the possibilities are plenty.

Perhaps Frolik and the Jets meet on a deal. Perhaps the don't.
Perhaps the Jets trade Frolik at the deadline. Perhaps they don't.
Perhaps Frolik walks away without a return. Perhaps he doesn't.

Again, we don't know what will happen. And if we don't know what will happen we can't fairly judge. Each situation is individual and we are as much a 11 months away from the conclusion of this situation. Until then we are simply speculating. The world may end, but it isn't over yet. Much ado about Taters.