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FlightZone: Video Coach Flies Away

A new video coach is hired, RegressedPDO gives up the CORSI HOCKEY LEAGUE all stars and O'Reilly and the Avs have a weird relationship.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

CORSI HOCKEY LEAGUE all stars. Guess which Jets are selected.

Tony Borgford is no longer a Jet (coach).

The Jets replaced Borgford with Matt Prefontaine.

What does the hiring of Kyle Dubas say about Brendan Shanahan?

JAMES REIMER COST GOOD MEN THEIR JOBS BECAUSE HE DIDN'T SAVE 40 SHOTS/GAME! (Whar I imagine Damian Cox thinks is a rational opinion)

The Colorado Avalanche refused to pay Ryan O'Reilly fair market value and at some point they could lose him because of this issue.

Steve Simmons turned up the HOTTAKES this weekend and turned off his brain.

More info on ShutDownLines "All Three Zones" Project. Also, he plans on releasing detailed scoring chance data for a team in the near future and mentioned the Jets as a possibility.

How do referees get selected to call a game? What is their dress code? THEIR JOB?