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FlightZone: Dany Heatley, First Line Winger

Boudreau endorses Heatley, Renney is pres. and Ribeiro gets a second fiftieth chance.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE

Who should you follow on Twitter for all you JetsTakes?

Garret is twice endorsed as a must follow, so you must follow him.

Listen to IceLevel from about 50 minutes on for some outsider perspectives on the Jets.

Vladimir Sobotka signed in the KHL because he felt disrespected by the Blues.

Mikhail Grigorenko seems like a level headed kid who knows that it is up to him to succeed.

Mike Ribeiro was distracted by the breakdown of his marriage last year in Phoenix.

Tom Renney is the new president of Hockey Canada.

Garth Snow made another nice move yesterday.

A very interesting look into the Detroit Red Wings and media.

The Nashville Predators took some cheap risks yesterday and signed some guys.

Dany Heatley, first line winger.