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Preview: Game 2 - St. John's IceCaps vs. Texas Stars, 7:30 CDT, Cedar Park Centre

After a disappointing game one, the St. John's IceCaps are set to hop back on the saddle.

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Game one kind of stank. Well, it stank if you are an IceCaps fan. In what was otherwise a competitive game, St. John's suffered through a disastrous second period. While it was impressive to see the IceCaps hold a dynamic opponent to 4 shots on goal through the frame, the chances they did allow were high quality and Michael Hutchinson wasn't able to bail them out.

On to game two only twenty one hours later. The IceCaps are looking to rebound and the Texas Stars are looking to keep rolling. The series moves to St. John's on Wednesday, so both teams want to finish strong in Texas.

Keys to the Game

St. John's IceCaps

A Hitch in the Hutch. Michael Hutchinson has carried the IceCaps through much of the playoffs. He has been incredible. He wasn't yesterday. He will need to rebound. Lucky for him he can draw back into his recent history for an example of what to do next. Hutch started off the IceCaps third round series with a lackluster showing. He ended the series with a shutout. Regardless of how, more from Hutch would be nice.

No more odd many rushes please. Holy heck! The IceCaps defenders got caught way up ice a bunch last night. While the team has historically relied heavily on defensive scoring, and some of the pinches may have been strategic, the time has to be better. Perhaps a little more neutral zone clog?

More of what worked in period two. While the end results of period two were horrid, the puck possession and shot suppression were worth repeating. It is important to remember that the IceCaps weren't outclassed, they were simply out-scored. Don't deviate too much from the things that worked.

Texas Stars

A Glennie for your thoughts. Scott Glennie had himself a game last night, but he can't be expected to do that nightly. Who will step up next? We know the IceCaps can score, so the Stars will have to match and they will need scoring from everywhere to do so.

Nilstops for Nilstorp. Cristopher Nilstorp played well in game one and he has been solid for most of the year, but he isn't elite. There is a bit of a vulnerability here, sot the Stars need to protect him as best they can.

Home Sweet Home: Likely or not, a loss tonight would mean there is a chance the Stars don't return home for another game. The 2-3-2 playoff format can create some oddities. The Stars will surely want to take advantage of the home crowd before they hit the road.

Player to Boo Mercilessly

Jyrki Jokipakka - Because his name is hard to spell.


IceCaps 3

Stars 2