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The Night That Was: I Wrote a Paper

There was no hockey on so I wrote a paper on the quilt code of the Underground Railroad. I'm sure everyone else watched sports or decided to remember what their friends and families looked like.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Spector got Chevy to talk about the Jets!

The Stanley Cup Final preview you never knew you needed.

Tyler Bozak is untoucable. *dances around*

Norm MacDonald weaves together hockey and friendship with a story about Moncton during the tragedy that left three RCMP officers dead and two more wounded.

Alain Vigneault is calm but needs more from his team.

The Los Angeles Kings are (finally) building a fan base.

Guy Lafleur said something crazy (what's new?) and Bruce Arthur explained why he was out of line (features a lot of analytics guys).

The New York Rangers have to rely on more than their speed if they want to beat LA.

Garth Snow is trying really hard to improve the New York Islanders.

Travis Yost and the predictive powers of score-adjusted Fenwick.

Jonathan Quick's style will keep him from being truly elite according to Chris Boyle.

Dan Girardi is struggling and he just signed a massive contract before the trade deadline.

That goal by Drew Doughty the other night? Here's why it happened.