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French Fancy Stats Cheat Sheet

During the Olympics I made a cheat sheet for the French Terms of Fancy Stats. It has since been expanded and this is where I will continue to update the translations.

Marianne Helm

I am constantly looking for more analysis based writing about hockey. One of the easiest ways to expand the base for reading is to look to other languages. Olivier Bouchard writes many places including's French site Thanks to him, I have compiled a cheat sheet for all the terms he uses.

French English
Forces égales Even strength
Entrees de zone Controlled zone entries
Chances de marquer Scoring chances
Part du temps de glace en "minutes dures" Quality of competition
Part de tirs vers le filet Corsi
Mises en jeu Zone starts
Dégagement Refusé Icing
Filet desert Empty net
Unités spéciales Special teams
Temps de glace Time on ice

I hope this helps anyone who does not speak French or does not know the terminology used for French analytics.