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The Winnipeg Jets Re-Sign Chris Thorburn to a Three Year Contract

Fourteen hours before he was set to hit free agency, Chris Thorburn signed a 3 year pact.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

According to his agent, Chris Thorburn and the Winnipeg Jets have agreed to a three year contract worth $1.2 million a season. Yes, his cap hit is over $1 million a year.

I don't get this. I really don't. This is a big contract for a player who has never scored more than 58 points in a season and that was when he was in junior!!!!! He has never scored more than 19 points in the NHL. He is old. He is bad at hockey. We can't have nice things while we still have Thorburn.

The Winnipeg Jets now have $3 825 000 committed Thorburn and Mark Stuart. That is 5.54% of the cap. That is crazy for them. This is crazy for anyone. Why are the Jets doing this to themselves. They are a fixable team and yet they refuse to fix themselves.

Remember how bad Thorburn is by re-reading his Pilot's Logbook.