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FlightZone: Sam Stops in Tampa

Free Agency starts tomorrow and Steve Yzerman seems to be clearing open some cap space for Douglas Murray and Chris Thorburn.

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Lightning made a series of moves last night.


Nelson Nogier is still recovering from shoulder surgery among other tidbits from his draft day.

DragLikePull hypothesizes that the Toronto Maple Leafs will not tender a qualifying offer to James Reimer.

PuckDaddy has a summary of the most awkward pictures from the NHL Draft.

Vancouver Canucks fans have rallied around Gino Odjick.

The Florida Panthers are buying out Ed Jovonovski and he should just retire already.

Before Garret starts telling us the underrated players that the Jets should sign, here are some well known names.

The Buffalo Sabres bought out Christian Erhoff partially because he is a "defensive liability".

So the Nashville Predators are not a team where offence goes to die you say? *tears up all the narratives*

Lukas Sutter got re-drafted and I hope he does alright for himself.

Daniel Walcott's rather improbable journey to becoming a NHL draft pick.

What is a players obligation when they want to be traded, but hold a no trade clause?