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FlightZone: Release the Richards

One Richards get bought out and the other one doesn't. Winnipeg forms a prayer circle about acquiring either player.

Bruce Bennett


Ed Tait thinks the Jets need more depth down the middle. As was seen when Mark Scheifele was injured, he might be right.

Spending money wisely equals wins. Cap team seems to be a dream here.

P.K. Subban on his Canadian dream.

Down Goes Brown has discovered Peter Zezel used to play soccer.

Brad Richards is bought out, yo.

The Carolina Hurricanes hired Rick Olczyk and it makes no sense because he is bad at his job.

How is Joe Thornton going to age? Garret investigates.

Mike Richards will not be bought out. Now lets hope that Chevy doesn't trade for him.

Hockey analytics don't have all the pieces for a catchall statistic yet.