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FlightZone: Coaching Carousel Keeps Turning

Coaches are starting to be hired as the NHL creeps closer to the Award Show, Draft, and Free Agency.

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"I caught a fish this big last summer."
"I caught a fish this big last summer."
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Carolina Hurricanes named former Detroit Red Wing assistant Bill Peters as their new head coach and rumours are swirling that both the Florida Panthers and Pittsburgh Penguins will be announcing new head coaches within the coming days.


Who is the Winnipeg Jets best first round pick (includes time in Atlanta).

The NHL is letting ballpark contract talks occur during the interview window for UFAs and RFAs.

Niklas Ehlers would be fun to draft if he fell to the Jets.

What should the Jets do with Evander Kane? What about free agency? Read the names thrown out in point three, weep quietly, and hope that the Jets have different names on their radar.

If the San Jose Sharks do trade Joe Thornton, they will be making a big mistake and will take a step back.

Matt Niskanen, a good player who isn't as good as he was this past season.

Bandwagon fans are not the end of the world.

Is "analytics" a term that is too ambiguous for all the different types of numbers that are out there and how do teams use those numbers?

Plan your draft weekend accordingly with the official Draft order.

Blake Geoffrion suffered a fractured skull two years ago, he is now putting his schooling to use.

So does Brian Campbell want a trade or not? And what is with Strickland breaking so much "news" lately?

Goalies and long term deals seem to be a bad idea.

Can a team change shot metrics without the puck?

Is the term "puck-moving defenceman" code for "point getting defenceman"? Tyler Dellow ponders this in regards to Anton Stralman.