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The Night That Was: Kings of the West

In a battle of Pavelecing, the Hawks out Pavelec'd the Kings, losing on OT.

"So glad we could catch each others hands man". "Me too Corey, me too."
"So glad we could catch each others hands man". "Me too Corey, me too."
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports


Chicago Blackhawks 4 Los Angeles Kings 5 (OT)

The goaltending battle for the ages ended on a bounce. The Kings are going off to their second Stanley Cup Final in 3 years to play the Rangers.


Pete Tessier on the realities of being a small market team.

Stan Fischler on the battle his wife waged to enter the press box.

Down Goes Brown is confused about why Don Cherry is confused and also discovers that Don still can't count to five.

The Montreal Canadiens mean a lot to a city and province that has been rife with corruption and separatism the past few years.

Tyler Dellow looks at famous defensemen and their Corsis. Sadly, Tobias Enstrom is not famous.

Jonathan Quick is not as good as people say he is.

The Habs were surrounded by some weird controversies man. I mean, Carey Price said he doesn't like pancakes!

Rogers won't confirm it, but Bob Cole is back! Buckle up because this will be a dandy.

Look for a comprehensive Stanley Cup Final Preview in the next couple of days.