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FlightZone: Telegin Talks

While the World Cup marches on, hockey news is still emerging including Jets prospect Ivan Telegin talking to the media about his lengthy absence. I also get very confused reading things and need a hug because nothing makes sense anymore.

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Garret was able to have an interview with Ivan Telegin translated.

Lawless says the Jets shouldn't trade Kane right now. Hey, I agree with Lawless on that, but not all the other stuff he says about Kane.

Rob Vollman with a little ditty on the Jets player usage.

A minor league team has an unique way of selling season tickets.

Just because a player is a good player doesn't mean they should be drafted high.

MLHS interviewed OHL draft guy Brock Otten and he had some interesting comments about Anthony DeAngelo.

Lowetide wonders if the Oilers may move down in the draft.

Why is Doug Wilson talking about a rebuild in San Jose (and can we have a gently used Brent Burns)?

Like really, what is going on in San Jose? They may relocate now? Somebody help me!

Stace of Base is also confused, but decided a song about a fire sale would help clarify everything.

Why is the King Clancy being awarded already? Why isn't that happening in Vegas?

What predications did everyone get wrong about the playoffs?

The Columbus Blue Jackets have a "value chart" for draft picks.

What pieces are really needed to win the Stanley Cup? (Keep in mind the Pittsburgh Penguins' numbers were Therrien'd for a long time).

Our beloved Pavelec should be bought out, but won't be. *sad trombone*